Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button has his words in the holdings. He is born as a morbid olding and ages backwards. He is a very unusual man, but he can not stop time.
Benjamin Button is born in New Orleans as the U.S. explores gledesrus that the First World War ceased. This enthusiasm can not Benjamins far to share.

His life turns cracks when the wife dies in maternity after birth to a son who does not like any other baby. The danger abhorrence of the skrukkete olding that have come to the world, and he runs out panic in the streets to get rid of the newborn arvingen. He surrendered byltet outside a sanatorium, where little Benjamin is taken into the heat of the woman who is his mother, Queenie Manager.

She thinks Benjamin is a miracle, only slightly different than the other God performs.
Benjamin gets a safe home among the old, but time makes his ruthless job. The old is gone, while olding in a boy body strange NOK is becoming increasingly younger. We follow Benjamin in a most unusual journey to the 21 century. It is a magnificent story about a very unusual man and the people and places he discovers on his way, he will find love and lose, the joy of life and the sadness of death, and what lasts longer than time itself.

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