Bride Wars

Title: Bride wars
Category: romantic comedy
Premier: February 2009
Duration: 90 min
Producer: Gary Winick
Dice: four

About the movie
The movie begins with the two best friends Liv (Kate Hudson) Emma (Anne Hathaway) from when they were little. As kids they used to dress up as bride and groom, and pretended that they got married at the plaza. Their biggest dream is to have a summer wedding at the plaza with each other as their maid of honor. As grown ups they are still best friends and they have almost done everything together their whole life.
One day Emma finds an engagement ring in her boyfriend’s clothes, and even though he hasn’t asked her yet she goes out for a drink with Liv and her other friends. Just one day after, Liv`s boyfriend proposes to her. Since they’re both engaged they decide to go together to the most wanted wedding planer in the city. The plaza only have three openings left in June, two at the seventh and one at the twenty-seventh, Emma takes the seventh and Liv takes the twenty-seventh. After a couple of hours the wedding planer calls and says theirs been a mistake, and they got the same day for the wedding, another girl had gotten the date on the twenty-seventh.
They discuss it together and agree that one of them have to move the wedding to another day, time and place. The only problem is that both refuse to change the day, and this is when the fun begins.

My opinion
The movie was a sweet romantic comedy and more of a girl’s movie. It was a lot of hilarious scenes when they tried to sabotage for each other, so that they could keep the date for themselves. One of them for instance got blue hair, and the other one got orange skin. I would definitely recommend this movie and dice it a strong four.

Wrietten by Eilin Amalie Småbakk

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