Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty 4 Story

Call Of Duty is a very good 1st-person-shooter game. The game in it selfe has a wery good story were you start at an S.A.S training camp as a recrut. then after som missions you get promoted to sargant.
You also play as a U.S.M.C where you asault a city in irak to find a guy named All-caled-all-asad. Then after som missions whit the U.S.M.C they find a threat that might be a atom bomb in the city, so every U.S.M.C unit have to fall back to base. So when you retreat by hellecopter you see the bomb eksplode behind your own helecopter and then you get cought by the shoockwawe and u basicly chrash in to some buildings your the only one from your squad that survives but only for a minute or two.
But then the S.A.S finds out that All-asad is hiding in hes own hidout up in the northen part of Russia. so you basicly you find him and then you kill him but then you find out that a guy named Imran-sakev is the mastermind behind it all then the captin of your squad tells a story about when he was a lutenat and he was uder comand of a guy named capt. Mac Millan then you go on a action filled adventur where u got a grass camo something called gelle-suit where you hide in the grass to awoid enemis and at the end you try to assasinet Imran-sakev by one sniper shoot and you succsed but so they think. then after the story the U.S.M.C all what's left of it. and the S.A.S joins together in a joint force to seek out Imran-Sakev. Story by Preben ICEC-J

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