Peyton Sawyer

Hey : ]

My name is Peyton Sawyer, I'm 16 years old, I work at Perry's platipus farm we got 764654654 platipuses, and thats like MAJORE stress to take care of them, i mean, who can watch out for 764654654 platipuses, i mean thats like impossible.

Anyways, I'm a cheerleader for Ravens! I live in Norway, and that's boring, Norway must be the most boring place ont his planet, so when i grow up I wanna be famous : ] But not really, thats just a dream i replace because I really wanna be a vet. But hellooo, I'm a cheerleader I can't tell them I wanna be a vet.

SO I think thats all you need to know about me,
so im gonna go now, and hope you enjoyed readng my presentation.

-Peyton Sawyer

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