Facts About The Movie

Bella Swan has always been a bit different, and have never bothered about being fit in with the others, trendy girls at school.
When her mother married again and sends Bella of place to live with the father in the heavy rain in the small town of Forks Washington,
she has little faith that things will be very different.

That is until she meets the mysterious and very beautiful Edward Cullen, a boy who is not similar to any other she has faced. He is both intelligent and good at talking to him, and he looks straight into her soul. It is not long before Bella and Edward are recorded into a passionate and determined uortodoks romance.

Edward can run faster than a fjelløve, he can stop a car with only nevene - and he has not been seen since earlier 1918. Like all vampires, he is immortal. But he has not cut teeth, and he does not drink human blood. Edward and his family are unique among vampires namely in the choice of lifestyle.

Bella is the big love, twin soul, Edward has waited on for 90 long years. But the closer they come to each other, the harder it is for Edward to resist the attraction Primal power he be by the smell of her. It can be in the worst case mean that he is the victim of a frenzy, he can not control. But what can they do when Laurent and James, Cullen's family svorne vampire enemies, come to town, looking for Bella?

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