IT can be anything you fear.
A group of 7 kids called the geeks,
were stocked my IT, and they in the end killed it after horrible actions from IT's side.
..but thats only what they thought……

20 years after they got a phone call from one of the members of the geek group from when they were kids and all lived in the same town.
He said that IT's back, they all freaked out, and packed and got on the first plane that city.
One of the members we're so scared, and killed himself.

All the others went. When they got there, more than 6 kids we're killed by IT.
They found IT, and they killed it by ripping out IT's heart,
and this time they we're sure IT's dead…….

Movie Trailer:

You should not watch this movie if you are afraid of the dark,
and you should be over 13, at least.
I think it was a good movie and i will recomand it.


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