Jens Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg


Jens Stoltenberg is prime minister in Norway. He is premier in labour party.

Her parliamentary career
Jens Stoltenbergs first grouvment (17.March.2000- 19.Ocktober2001)
Her econd grouvment (19.Ockober.2005)

Stoltenberg were selected inn as parliament for Oslo first time in 1993, after he has been Deputy from 1989 and shall attend since 1993.
Stoltenberg are also head of labor.

Her heart Issues

Jens Stoltenberg is concerned all worlds kids shall bee vaccinated for diseases.

Jens Stoltenberg about financial cricis

Stoltenbergs family

Jens Stoltenberg is born 16. march.1959 and are 49 years old.He is married with Ingrid Schulerud and they have two kids, one son and one daughter.

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