My name is Perry!
Im twenty years old and I live in Norway. I have my own platypus farm. All my friends work at my farm so we spend all our time cuddling with all the platypus'es. We have 764654654 platypus'es on the farm at the moment. All the platypus'es have the same name, Agent Perry!

Other than running my farm I like to read books, watch TV, clime in trees and things other people think is booring!
In the summer i always pack up my 764654654 platypus'es (<3) and go to Paris. They love being there. And it is very cheap Platypus food there.
My mom and dad used to come visit me on my farm, but one of my Agent P's bit my mom in her toe sometime, and now she is scared of them.


My first platypus <3 Agent Perry the first <3

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