The movie "Bolt" is about a little dog, named Bolt. He is a moviestar in the series Bolt. He play the kind and cute dog who help he's owner to catch the bad guys. He think he got all the powers in real life. One day he is missing. Everybody are searching for him, but what they dont know is that he is in a other town. Bolt is trying to get home to his owner, but he can't do it alone, since he dont know where he is. He meet a hamster and a cat on he's way. The journey gets very fun for the 3 friends.
At the end of the movie he saves his owner from a fire. When she get's out from the hospital, they decide to quiet in the series because Bolt dont get along with everybody on the set.
The hamster and the cat moves in with Bolt, his owner and her mom. So the movie had a happy ending.


I choosed to write about the movie Bolt because i loved the movie. Its a very cute movie, a little bit sad at the end, so i started to cry a bit. Bolt, the hamster and the cat is like the cutest things in the world. I really loved it! Everybody should see it. =)

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