Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is married with brad pitt and they have 6 kids. she is born 4 june 1975 in california (33 years old) She have won 1 academy award , 5 golden globe awards and 4 screen actors guild awards. the first one was called tomb raider, and also many other films but this may be one of the best.

Angelina Jolie got the leading role in a film the film is called tomb raider-the cradle of life.

this film is about lara croft (angelina jolie) she is a tomb raider looking for pandoras box and she needs to get it before jonathan reiss. the key for the box is a orb located in the cradle of life but when she gets there it gone, so she recruits terry sheridan to help who has spended his last couple of years in a siberian prison.

Here is a trailer of the movie enjoy:

Angelina Jolie first became personally aware of worldwide crises while filming tomb raider. she tryed to gather more information about trouble worldwide. in the following months she visited refugee camps to check their conditions and she also went to sierra leone,tanzania and afghanistan and donated 1million dollars to a refugee camp in afghanistan and someone even called her a god.
Jolie has met refugee camps in over 20 countries someone asked what she wanted to acomplish, she answered ''awereness of the plight of these peoples''
i think they should be commended for what they have survived and not be looked down upon.

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