Tromsoe Commune

Tromsoe is a city and a commune in Troms county. It is the biggest city in north North-Norway. The citys biggest place of work is the university in Tromsoe and the universityhospital in North-Norway. The city have since the 1800-houndred has the name (Paris of the North).


Tromsø is the eighth-largest municipality in Norway with a population 63,596, and the centre of the ninth-largest urban area, with a population of 53,622.

The compact city center is the biggest concentration of historic wooden houses north of Trondheim, that co-exist with modern architecture. The houses date from 1789 to 1904, when building wooden houses was banned in the city centre, like in several other Norwegian cities. The oldest house in Tromsø is Skansen, built in 1789 on the remains of a 13th century turf rampart.

The original reindeer coat-of-arms design is from 1870. The current version was created by Hallvard Trætteberg (1898–1987) and was adopted in 1941.[10] Tromsø's coat-of-arms is one of six Norwegian coats-of-arms showing reindeer or their antlers. The other five being those of Eidfjord, Porsanger, Rendalen, Vadsø, and Vågå.


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